Create, share and store your FairCoins safely using Paper Wallets.

If you’re looking for a long term storage solution or a way to give FairCoin to friends, family or associates the Paper Wallet is what you need.

By generating your own private keys and printing out your own private paper wallets you can keep your coins away from dangerous hazards such as computer crashes, hacks and theft.

After you’ve printed your first wallet, try it out with just a small amount of FairCoin. See if you understand how it works and if you can make a round trip back to your online wallet. Please note that only importing your private does not withdraw funds from your paper wallet. You should destroy it after you’ve imported funds from it. You can read more on how the wallet works and how you can import your funds here..

Get started * and print your paper wallet right away!

* By generating paper wallets you agree to the disclaimer in the footer of this site.